My Favorite Beauty YouTubers

Hi guys! How has the week been for you all? Mine’s pretty intense and crazy, I must say hahaha. The same old assignment each day, I just can’t wait for midterm break!

So, in today’s post as you can see from the title, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite beauty YouTubers to watch. Well, 95% of what I watch is beauty-related, so I have quite a list to share. But there are also some other contents I watch regularly as well, so if you want a part 2 where I share my favorite non-beauty related YouTubers to watch, please comment down below and I’ll do that in the future. Or just request anything you want to see from me! 🙂

Fact #5: I’m such a crybaby! I cry when listening to some particular songs, movies, shows, etc and sometimes for no valid reason at all.

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My Favorite Beauty Videos to Watch on YouTube

Hi, guys! How are you doing? I’m still the same as usual, busy with college and stuff. Fortunately I’m almost done with my third semester after the final submission and I will get a break for around 2 weeks. I will review some dramas by then.

So, today’s post is my first official beauty-related topic on my blog.

I’m so excited for this! I always want to do “my own” whenever I watch these kind of videos on YouTube, but I’m no a YouTuber and most likely will never be. So, I’m thinking to present it on my own platform that I’m comfortable with. So, yeah guys, if you’re interested, then just keep on reading. Continue reading “My Favorite Beauty Videos to Watch on YouTube”