Review: Jugglers

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Workplace
Written by: Jo Yong-hae
Directed by: Kim Jung-hyun
Starring: Choi Daniel, Baek Jin-hee
Number of episodes: 16
Average rating: 7.2%
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Review: Stranger (Secret Forest)

Genre: Crime, Thriller
Written by: Lee Soo-yeon
Directed by: Ahn Gil-ho
Starring: Jo Seung-woo, Bae Doona
Number of episodes: 16
Average rating: 4.6%
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Review: While You Were Sleeping

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Legal
Written by: Park Hye-ryun
Directed by: Oh Choong-hwan
Starring: Bae Suzy, Lee Jong-suk
Number of episodes: 32 (±30 mins/episode)
Average rating: 7.7%
Original network: SBS

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Review: Age of Youth 2

Genre: Teen, School Drama
Written by: Park Yeon-seon
Directed by: Lee Tae-gon
Starring: Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ji Woo, Choi Ah-ra
Number of episodes: 14
Average rating: 3.1% (TNmS)
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Review: Queen for Seven Days

Genre: Historical, Romance
Written by: Choi Jin-young
Directed by: Lee Jung-sub, Song Ji-won
Starring: Park Min-young, Yeon Woo-jin, Lee Dong-gun
Number of episodes: 20
Average rating: N/A
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