Mini Review: Splash Splash Love + Life Update

Hey guys! Welcome to this mini review of the drama I just finished earlier today. Before I jump into the review, I feel like I wanna give you guys a little update with my life since I last update this blog. If you’re not interested, you can jump right into the review.  Continue reading “Mini Review: Splash Splash Love + Life Update”

Review: God’s Gift – 14 Days

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Time travel
Written by: Choi Ran
Directed by: Lee Dong-hoon
Starring: Lee Bo-young, Jo Seung-woo, Kim Tae-woo
Number of episodes: 16
Average rating: 9.3% (TNmS)
Original network: SBS Continue reading “Review: God’s Gift – 14 Days”

Review: Legend of the Blue Sea

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Written by: Park Ji-eun
Directed by: Jin Hyuk, Park Seon-ho
Starring: Lee Min-ho, Jun Ji-hyun
Number of episodes: 20 + 1 Special
Average rating: 16.7% (TNmS)
Original network: SBS Continue reading “Review: Legend of the Blue Sea”

Review: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Genre: Romantic comedy
Written by: Yang Hee-seung
Directed by: Oh Hyun-jong
Starring: Lee Sung-kyung, Nam Joo-hyuk
Number of episodes: 16
Average rating: 4.8% (TNmS)
Original network: MBC Continue reading “Review: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”

Best of 2016

1 Year = 365 Opportunities

Hi guys! This post is dedicated to the amazing 2016 and as well my thank you note for everyone and everything that made this year become something unforgettable for me.

Now that we are standing at the very end of the year, I feel very thankful for everything—the good and bad that happened in these long 365 days. Some days were not so bright as the others, but what I can never forget is how I started many new things that now became things that are so important to me.  Continue reading “Best of 2016”