Mini Review: Love, Lies (Movie)

Genre: Romance, Period
Written by: Ha Young-Join, Jeon Yun-su, Song Hye-jin
Directed by: Park Heung-sik
Starring: Han Hyo-joo, Chun Woo-hee, Yoo Yeon-sook
Running time: 120 mins

Hi guys!

I feel like my posts for the past few weeks have been more on the negative side and it’s just that life has not been super great haha. But I’m trying to incorporate more reviews into my upcoming posts just to balance out between my personal and “work” posts. So yeah, hope you guys enjoy this review.

Btw, I have updated my cover picture for my reviews because I just don’t really like the previous style I used.

Fact #9: I love Harry Potter so much! My all-time favourite series.

What’s it about?

A heartbreaking story that took place during the Imperial Japanese occupation of Korea in the 40s. They started out as best friends with the same dreams, but they separated ways when one decided to pursue another dream instead. It depicts how jealousy can lead to hate and betrayal that they can’t ever change.


Spoiler alert.

Well, I just realised that this is actually my very first movie review!

This may sound odd, but I don’t really watch a lot of movies, especially Korean movies. Believe it or not, while I really enjoy watching K-dramas, I don’t particularly enjoy K-movies. For some reasons, I just don’t really like the vibe of them. I have watched several of them throughout the years, but none of them has blown me away until this day. I honestly found the way they shoot made it feel tedious and a bit bland. I don’t know if it’s just me or any of you guys also feel the same about K-movies. Leave me some of your thoughts down below!

I’ll give you a spoiler alert warning whenever I may spoil the story too much but the majority of this review will be spoiler-free, just be aware.

First, let’s start off with the good things about this movie: the thing I like the most from this movie is its stunning visual detail. Quoting from one of my classes, every shot is like a work of art. The lighting and colour palette is dreamy, perfectly depicted the mellowness of the overall plot. The detail of the “semi-modern” city—from the small shops to the transportation.

I’m not sure why, but I’m always drawn to plot took place in the 30-40s so much. It’s like my favourite era ever? There are so many richness and stories to be told from this era: life of local citizen that just want to lay low avoiding any attention, people who want to secretly fight for freedom, the upper class who befriends the Japanese and do not really care for freedom, or even from the perspective of a Japanese. I just want to see every plot possibilities to be made into real movies/dramas.

Sorry, I got a bit carried away for a moment. But what I want to say is that the visuals of this movie got an A+ from me.

Moving on, the plot itself isn’t anything new[Spoiler alert] Two friends and one man, everyone knows what happens afterward. It’s not my favourite plot ever, simply because it sucks, it always happens when two women get involved with the same man, everywhere—in movies nor real life. I just don’t like a lose-lose situation. Because honestly, what would you expect? Both the friendship and relationship will break into pieces, and at least two parties will get hurt if the man turns out to be a complete jerk who just treats love for fun. [Spoiler ends]

Han Hyo-joo has always been one of my favorite actress of all time. I love her performance so much both in Dong Yi and W — Two WorldsBut this is the first time I saw her character turned into the “bad” side. Strangely enough, I kinda like that. I’m kinda getting bored seeing heroines who remained a sweetheart till the end. When in reality, not so many people will actually do that. What So-yool did is completely humanely for me, well, not that I agree that sending your former best friend to be raped is acceptable. But she herself had nothing more to lose, she had already lost and given up everything for the sake of revenge.

If I were to be honest, I despise Yoon-hee and Yoon-woo so much more. Especially Yoon-woo who basically started the flame. He’s a liar and cheater who just happened to have a pretty face. He deserved to lose as much as So-yool did. As for Yoon-hee, this may be petty so say, but in situation like this, 99% of the time the “former best friend” is the one I hate the most. There won’t be any fire without smoke. And she’s the one who let the flame became bigger.

Oh gosh, I just hate situation where nobody wins.

This movie isn’t amazing, but I actually had a rather high hope for the ending. I mean, I’m not that disappointed with the ending but I think they could have done better. I’m not really sold on that. Sure, I like the idea of having her as the only “survivor” from the past, but the way they did it is just kinda bumpy for me. I think it’s not even a surprise element to the story. The moment when she claimed her best friend’s identity just gave me chill, the jealousy just never gone away. My only real complain of the movie is that I suppose. (I’m trying to let out as little spoiler as possible, so I don’t mention the name here)

Overall, does the movie deliver everything well? Yes. Again, big thumbs up to the cinematography. I wish they could make a drama version of it set in the same place, but with a different plot please.

Last but not least

Hope you guys enjoy this review. If you like a visually stunning movie, give it a shot, it’s only a 2-hour movie anyway. I think you won’t be disappointed even if you don’t really like the plot. See you guys next week, bye!


5 thoughts on “Mini Review: Love, Lies (Movie)

  1. that bff girl is a denial bitch who can’t keep her legs close for the sake of her bestfriend! Hyon joo wouldn’t have become a destructive whore if her bf and bff asked for an apology. damn this movie is really nice though, made me cry. If I was in her shoes I would’ve done the same except I wouldn’t feel any remorse.


    1. Hahaha I completely agree with you! Many people seem to sympathize with the best friend and I just couldn’t. The whole thing was basically started by the guy and the best friend being selfish. They had multiple chances to stop, but they just completely ignored it instead. And yeah, the show was quite an emotional one!


  2. The movie has really beautiful songs to, doesn’t it? “Heart of Joseon” is one of the most perfectly melancholic mixtures of deep lyrics and spot-on music I’ve heard in any language.
    Out of the topic, but um…., would you mind if I point out something incorrect? Geishas weren’t…and aren’t prostitutes. They are expert female entertainers, and may flirt lightly with their customers, but never can one expect more from them. Gisaengs however provided such services depending on their rank. The Japanese prostitutes are called Oirans.
    And Japan is still suffering from the stain that foreigners think Geishas are prostitutes, while it’s actually a somewhat respectable and honored cultural position for lower-class women. The funny and sad thing is, the damage had been done by none other than the Japanese girls themselves; who offered themselves for money during the World War 2 era to American soldiers and said: “We’re Geesha girls.”! Also the vastly historically inaccurate yet famous book “Memoirs of A Geisha” has served to seal this misconception in foreign minds.
    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! 🙂 Until recently I too thought Geishas were part-prostitues until I did some research and was overwhelmed. I had a hard time getting my mom to believe it and I’m still not sure whether she believes it 100% .
    I’m only trying to do my little part in clearing things for a great, culturally rich society of women, so I beg you to not take offense! You can always delete the comment, I will understand it.


    1. Hey, no worries! Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll edit my info once I got to my laptop. I should’ve done more research on this matter beforehand, my bad! Really, thank you for clarifying 🙂 And yes, the songs are really beautiful in this movie.

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