My Favorite Beauty YouTubers

Hi guys! How has the week been for you all? Mine’s pretty intense and crazy, I must say hahaha. The same old assignment each day, I just can’t wait for midterm break!

So, in today’s post as you can see from the title, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite beauty YouTubers to watch. Well, 95% of what I watch is beauty-related, so I have quite a list to share. But there are also some other contents I watch regularly as well, so if you want a part 2 where I share my favorite non-beauty related YouTubers to watch, please comment down below and I’ll do that in the future. Or just request anything you want to see from me! 🙂

Fact #5: I’m such a crybaby! I cry when listening to some particular songs, movies, shows, etc and sometimes for no valid reason at all.

I don’t know how many will be on this list honestly, I haven’t listed all of them out honestly. So, I guess we’ll just go with the flow with no particular order then.

The way I’m going to do this is I will put their name, YouTube channel name (if it’s not the same with their real name), number of subscribers, link to their channel, what kind of beauty content they put out, and the reason why I like their channel.

1. KathleenLights (3,6M)

Channel link:
Usual content: tutorials, hauls, reviews, monthly favorites, subscription boxes

This obviously came as no surprise to anyone, right? I have mentioned her so many times and made many illustrations of her last year. She has been my number 1 favorite until this day. Watching her is like hanging out with a best friend, she’s so relatable and down to earth ever since I started watching her. She is also my very first beauty YouTuber that I watched, she made me got into makeup and I learnt all of my basics from her videos. She posts regularly 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and I’m always looking forward for them. And also, her videos are more like those old school beauty videos that I enjoy so much.

2. Mariah Leonard (319k)

Channel link:
Usual content: top 5 bottom 5, reviews, tutorials, makeup education

Okay, so where do I begin? This girl is just amazing! Her content is so unique and different, and also very interesting to watch. She’s like the supermodel in the beauty community. I forgot whether she used to be a makeup artist or if she went to makeup school, but this girl knows what she’s doing and talking about. She just has a very broad knowledge of makeup and the way she talks is so eloquent and sophisticated. I can’t recommend her channel enough! I’m surprised that she doesn’t have millions subscribers already.

3. Allie Glines (155k)

Channel link:
Usual content: tutorials, monthly favorites, wear tests

She’s a new channel to me, I’ve only started watching her since last year I think. And I’m sure that she just started YouTube around that time as well. In some ways, she reminded me of Kathleen so much because they kind of put out similar contents. I like her for being so relatable and the positive energy she brought in every video. Her makeup tutorials are nothing crazy, in fact, she mostly do “every day” makeup looks and similar things. But she’s just so enjoyable to watch that I don’t even care whatever the content is, I just like watching her talk and do her makeup.

4. Jamie Paige (381k)

Channel link:
Usual content: best and worst, first impressions, reviews, favorites, GRWM

Oh, she’s probably one of the most relaxing beauty guru to watch on YouTube. Her vibe is just so calm and positive that I feel like she and me are just hanging out at the couch in the living room talking about makeup. Same with Mariah, she’s also very eloquent in speaking that it’s pleasing to the ears. I don’t usually learn makeup techniques from her as our features are just too different hahaha. But I still enjoy watching her nonetheless, I like how refreshing her channel is. You can never go wrong with any of her videos! In fact, you should go watch her right now and you’ll know what I mean.

5. Jessica Braun/JamBeauty89 (465k)

Channel link:
Usual content: declutter, hauls, dupes, best and worst

The moment I discovered her channel, I spent all day binge-watching her videos hahaha. She’s a bit older than the previous 4 I mentioned, she’s married and she’s a primary school teacher if I’m not mistaken so her more mature personality shows through her videos. I must admit though, her early videos were not the best quality, but I see how much her channel has been improving throughout the years. I trust her opinion on things, despite there are some that I disagree (because we have different skin type and stuff). Again, she also has that calming vibe that I look for in content creators. I highly recommend you guys to watch her if you haven’t already.

6. Nicole Renee (97k)

Channel link:
Usual content: tutorials, reviews, first impressions, product flashbacks

This girl is about the same age as me, I think she’s still in college as well. I don’t know what is she majoring in, but being able to balance between YouTube and school is just amazing to me. I can’t even keep up with my once a week blog post sometimes. And she really put out good contents in my opinion. Her makeup style isn’t typically my style to wear, but I enjoy listening her talking about products and reviewing them. She’s also the kind of YouTube “best friend” type of channel so I find that many people will enjoy watching her.

7. RawBeautyKristi (332k)

Channel link:
Usual content: makeup tutorials, reviews, first impressions, rants

This girl is hilarious as hell. 

She likes to make fun of herself and sometimes doesn’t take herself too seriously (in a good way) because at the end of the day, makeup is just makeup and it’s supposed to be fun. Again, she isn’t someone I usually learn from, makeup-wise, because we are just too different both in style or facial features. But I still enjoy watching her talk about makeup and other things. You may find her a bit intimidating at first, but give her videos are try, I doubt that you’ll be disappointed. She’s sassy, blunt, and curse a lot sometimes lol.

8. Tati/GlamLifeGuru (3,8M)

Channel link:
Usual content: testing weird/overpriced products, top 5 bottom 5, GRWM, PR packages unboxings

Last but not least, let’s end this list with 8. So, honestly I was a bit hesitant mentioning her. I mean, I like her and I watch her videos every single day in the morning when I’m getting ready for college. As you can see on my list, I don’t typically watch those “big channels” except for Kathleen and her. I subscribed to a few, like Casey Holmes and Carli Bybel but I don’t watch them very often. I know not all of those big channels are full of dramas, but I just don’t really vibe with them for some reasons. And I hesitant to mention Tati is because I kinda go back and forth with her. I know she’s involved in some dramas sometimes and I don’t like that side of her, but at the other hand, she’s really dedicated to her channel and she put up some of the most creative contents out there that nobody else is doing. So, overall, I enjoy her videos but she’s not my absolute favorite beauty YouTuber ever.

So guys, this wrapped up today’s post.

I hope you enjoy and please comment down below some of your favorite YouTubers to watch (doesn’t have to be beauty-related though). I’d like to see them and perhaps check some of them out. Have a nice week, bye!



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