Review: While You Were Sleeping

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Legal
Written by: Park Hye-ryun
Directed by: Oh Choong-hwan
Starring: Bae Suzy, Lee Jong-suk
Number of episodes: 32 (±30 mins/episode)
Average rating: 7.7%
Original network: SBS

Hi guys! What are you guys up to these days? My days of being a zombie almost start again, but luckily I will have a Christmas break for a bit. And by the way, I think I accidentally deleted my notes somehow. I do like to take notes on my phone when watching a drama so I have a reference point when writing my reviews. Well, this actually has happened a couple of times already and I have no idea how it happened. I guess I just have to dig into my memories a little deeper though.

What’s it about?

Another story about people who can foresee the future, but through their dreams. Those people connect with each other in the sense that you foresee things in the future of someone who had saved your life. A journey of a bunch of people, friends and lovers in figuring out their lives and what the future holds.

What to expect?

  • Lee Jong-suk being freaking adorable
  • Suzy being cool and independent
  • Straight to the point romance
  • Lovable characters (like literally all of them)
  • Too-perfect-to-be-true sidekick
  • Light and airy legal plot
  • Interesting cinematography
  • Multi-dimensional villains
  • Mediocre ending

What not to expect?

  • Much thriller and kept at the edge of your seat scenes
  • Love triangle (kinda)
  • Smart mystery plot with crazy villains
  • Complicated plot background
  • Intense romance

My long review starts here

Spoiler alert.

So let me start this review by telling you that everyone in this drama was so lovable. And this is already a plus point for me when I managed to love every single person in a drama. They were witty and caring for each other in different ways. I love Jae-chan’s colleagues (they were hilarious), Jae-ha (his brother), Hong-joo’s mom and senior, and of course I love Woo-tak to death. He was that too-perfect-to-be-true sidekick I was mentioning earlier. I mean, he basically had everything from looks to personality. He was always there to help, never got into conflicts, selfless, had beautiful smile, and so on. He just could not be real, right? This was my second time watching Jung Have-in on screen, after Bride of the Century that I watched long ago but I never really noticed him there. I saw many people started to freak out over him now, and he has already casted for another drama by tvN called Prison Playbook that I am excited for!

Another great thing about this drama was how straightforward it was, whether in romance or the crime part. I love how they did not spend enormous amount of time dwelling on a single matter, but rather moved on and kept on going.

Now let’s dig into the characters, shall we?

First of all, this is the third time Lee Jong-suk took the roles related to legal/crime after I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio, but this is the most adorable he has ever been. I mean, I like this version of him, which again showed how versatile he could be as an actor. But personally I like him the most in his recent drama W – Two WorldsI did not really like that drama as a whole, but Lee Jong-suk always saved the day. So anyway, I liked him here, but I did not love him as much as I wanted to.

As for Suzy, honestly I never really liked her as an actress. Her acting tends to irritate me, but fortunately she did okay in this drama. Not the most amazing acting, but I did not have any problems with her acting here.

I do not really want to do a full-on analysis of each character since I felt like although everyone was lovable here, they did not have much interesting dimensions within. I was most disappointed with Lee Yoo-bum’s character, his character was too black and white for a villain and they could have added more layers into his character.

I almost ran out of things to say here, because although I really enjoyed watching this, I did not love it. I kinda loved the plot though, since as I said, they did not try too hard to make a mind-blowing twists. The plot was fairly simple and easy to follow. The whole foreseeing future thing did not raise many question marks for me, it was kinda like it was just there. I was not really curious with the why and what ifs.

Oh and one thing that really tugged at my heartstrings was Mr Choi. I already loved him so much as a character, and it really took me by surprise that he was actually that person. His scenes with Jae-chan made me teared up so much and I really wished that they could lead him to a different fate than dying by Yoo-bum’s hands that easily. And I was not the biggest fan of the whole ending also.

But overall, I did not have many negative things to say about this drama. The cinematography was beautiful and interesting, but I think I just expected way more as I anticipated it for so long.


Objective: 8.5/10
Subjective: 8.5/10

Last but not least

Despite my average rating toward this drama, I would still recommend it for you guys to watch if you have not already. I might make this review leans more on the negative side, but I did think this is an awesome drama. You will not regret it!



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