Review: 49 Days

Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Written by: So Hyun-kung
Directed by: Jo Young-kwang
Starring: Lee Yo-won, Nam Gyu-ri, Jung Il-woo, Jo Hyun-jae
Number of episodes: 20
Average rating: 11.7% (TNmS)
Original network: SBS

Hey guys! It has been so long, has not it? Just to let you know, I am still in South Korea for vacation and I will be back in around 10 days. Time always flies so fast whenever you are having a good time!

Initially I only picked up this drama to be my travel buddy when I am on the train or waiting for something. I did not even plan to review it at all but as I finished this drama today, I feel like it deserves its own review!

So yeah, this may not be very exciting since it is kinda an old drama I am sure everyone except me had already watched. But for me this is that kind of drama that still works just fine even in 2017. 

As for my travel-related post, I already have some ideas in mind. My next post will most likely be “First Time Planning My Own Trip” where I will talk about the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life, what I did, and how I did it. So if you do not want to miss out, do not forget to follow my blog and you will be notified whenever I post something new.

For now let’s just jump into the review!

What’s it about?

Life always surprises us in the most unexpected ways. This time someone got into   an accident that changed her life: being able to watch over her life through someone else’s body. It opened her eyes to see the truth in her friendship and love while trying to survive from her new world.

What to expect?

  • Quite an emotional ride
  • Effectively used flashbacks
  • Marvellous soundtrack
  • Light and easy to follow plot
  • Likeable characters
  • Interesting conflict
  • Bittersweet romance

What not to expect?

  • Layered and complicated plot
  • Too evil villains
  • Things getting ‘too dangerous’
  • The happy ending you wished for

My long review starts here

Spoiler alert.

I will keep this review short and effective because actually there was not much to say anyway.

I finished this drama in like almost 2 weeks because I only watched it whenever I got some leisure time. I would say that this drama is perfect for travel because the plot was light enough to continue whenever you want to. There were not too much details to remember all at once. It gave you one thing at a time without losing its appeal. It never got ‘too dangerous’ that made you unable to put it down.

At the beginning I kinda underestimated this drama honestly. I thought of it just like another spirit possession drama where the plot was so obvious from the beginning. Well, it was partly true but this drama managed to constantly give me little surprises through the details. 

Regarding the rules of the fantasyland, I did not have anything worth complaining as I was too busy enjoying all the awesomeness in the drama. But there was one thing, at first I thought Ji-hyun had to literally collect the tear into her necklace with her bare hands hahaha. I could be so slow sometimes.

Now let’s talk about my favorite part of a review, the characters. I did not particularly dislike anyone rather than Kang Min-ho, only because he was just too damn annoying for me. I always hate guys who cheated no matter what the reasons are.

I like Ji-hyun‘s naiveness, Yi-kyung‘s maturity, Kang‘s grumpy-old-man spirit, and Scheduler’s (I like it whenever he said this word) little boy self that added freshness to this drama.

The romance aspect? I think the story for both couples had been written beautifully. Both had their own obstacles to overcome, but in the end it was all about finding the strength to let go. Ji-hyun and Kang’ story was more classic and obvious, but I did enjoy their narrative nonetheless. How Ji-hyun’s purity and innocence always abled to melt down Kang’s frozen cold heart. It was real pity though that until the very end they still chose to keep their feelings deep in heart.

And I just wished to see a little more (or much more) Ji-hyun and Kang’ moments. Just a passionate kiss in the end and I will not ask for more, I swear!

Let’s move on to the second couple before I start to rant how I did not get to see Kang enough on screen. For me, Yi-kyung and Scheduler had a much more realistic story. They obviously had more real-life obstacles to conquer and they did not succeed in this life. For Yi-kyung who had depended on Yi-soo all her life, now it was time for her to fly with her own wings.

Lastly, what about the ending? I had already learned about the plot and everything from back then when this drama was so hyped about. But I chose not to watch it because I am not really good to handle sad things. I am a sucker for happy ending, period.

But now after watching it, it was not too bad. I mean, the ending was quite acceptable for me. Don’t get me wrong, I was hoping 100% that Ji-hyun would be alive and reunited with Kang in the end. But this drama decided to add a “new twist” right at the edge before the finale and they did a decent job. I did not feel anything was forced in any way, it gave enough amount of time for everyone to resolve their own conflicts before closing the curtains. Though I must say that the final revelation of Ji-hyun and Yi-kyung’ relationship did make me roll my eyes. It fitted the plot, it made sense, but it was not necessarily needed. 

It was kind of funny how Bae Soo-bin who is usually the good guy (like in Dong Yi) became a villain here and Jo Hyun-jae who I had seen as the evil brother in Yong Pal was the hottie here.


Objective: 8.5/10
Subjective: 8/10

Last but not least

It seems like I did not say enough positive things about this drama, but I really do like it. Considering it was a drama from 6 years ago, I think this is one timeless (WELL, IT WAS POSSIBLY THE TITLE FOR TAYLOR SWIFT’S 6TH ALBUM I AM SO EXCITED FGDKSBAHJSK) drama.

If you have not watched it yet, I really suggest you to do it now. There was something special about this drama I swear.

And if you have already watched it (which I am sure you have), what do you think? Do you like it or you do not? This might as well be a drama flashback kind of post. Let me know in the comments below! 🙂



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