My Top 10 Favorite Dramas of ALL TIME + Life Update

Hi guys! So today finally I will give you a list and little review of my top 10 dramas of all time. I am really excited for this post because who do not like talking about things that they love? But before that, I want to address a few things that have been going on lately.

So right now I am on long break before entering my sophomore year in college. It is a 3-month long holiday and 2 months had already passed. In the past 2 months, I basically just watched drama all day and did some random illustrations. Not productive at all I know lol. But next month, I will go visit my family in South Korea for a month. So yeah, I am excited!

As for my blog, I really do want to expand both the content and the visual. I know that 95% of my posts have been drama reviews with not much variation. Well, I love writing reviews to be honest. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time so I will continue to stick to it. However, I want my blog to be more than that. I will start to write travel-related posts once I am back from South Korea (I still have not figured out the format etc, so any suggestions are welcome) and I already have several life-related topics in mind. So yeah, hopefully in the next couple of weeks you can start to see more variations from me. 

And by the way, you may notice that I have not updated my Goodreads for such a long time. I want to be honest that I have not read a single book for the last couple of months. I do not know why honestly, I just do not feel like doing it. Please understand though, I will get back to it when I feel like I want to.

Now, let’s jump into the main part of this post. I will list my top 10 favorite dramas of all time in particular order along with a short overview and recommendations. I rarely change this list because it is very hard for me to move on from something hahaha.

(Beware that this list is completely subjective to my own preference and likings. I love them for my own reasons.)

1. My Love from Another Star

JUST HOW DO I GET STARTED? This is the most amazing drama I have ever seen in my entire life. I can not ever do this drama justice by reviewing it. Everything is just beyond the world. I love this drama to the point that I do not want to see Kim Soo-hyun in other drama with another actress other than Jun Ji-hyun (I know that I sound really crazy right now). I had a good laugh, bucket of tears, and constant smiling like an idiot moments with this drama.

Recommended for those of you who like everything all in one. Comedy, mystery, romance, suspense, and happy ending all in one! So yeah, it should be in everyone’s favorite list.

2. That Winter the Wind Blows

My very first post here is a review of this drama (you can check it here) because it is just something within my comfort zone. Unlike the previous one, this drama may not be everyone’s favorite and I totally understand why. I love this drama so much because it tugged at my heartstrings the way nothing else has ever done. I feel so much pain and happiness watching it. And this drama hands down offered the most stunning visual I have ever seen in Korean dramas.

Recommended for melodrama junkies out there (which is not as much as RomCom lol). It has an enjoyable pace and a classical plot that you can easily guess. But this drama is not about guessing, it is about feeling.

3. Descendants of the Sun

A cult favorite already? I think this drama was totally worth all the hype it got. For me, what made this drama so special was the chemistry the cast offered. I have never seen on-screen chemistry as real and amazing as Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki did. WELL, OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE THEY ALREADY HAD SOMETHING GOING ON OFF-SCREEN AT THAT MOMENT. This drama did not have the most amazing plot, but it showed that even something so ordinary can become something big. 

Recommended for those of you who like a good RomCom with several more intense moments but still light and enjoyable nonetheless. You will definitely learn something valuable from this drama, so give it a try!

*By the way, my top 3 has never been changed ever since I watched them so they are my definite gems!

4. Signal

This is my top drama from 2016 (you can find my full review here)What but did not you just see Descendants of the Sun  above in rank? Well, subjectively I love DotS better than this because it was special for me. But Signal just blew me out of my mind every second. I love it so much for its extraordinary plot which is super well-written and well-directed. I can not recommend this drama enough to everyone regardless of your preferences!

Recommended for basically everyone! It does not have romance that you probably always want to see in K-dramas, but trust me there is romance there which is very beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. This is the drama that I recommend the most out of everything in this list.

5. The Princess’ Man

This is my recent watch and it just made it into Top 5! When it comes to Saeguk (historical drama), this is the kind of romance I am expecting. Intense and melodramatic. I just love those standing-at-the-edge-of-hate-and-love moments so much and this drama definitely gave me that. It was something that made me ache and longing at the same time. Full review here.

Recommended for hardcore romance fans out there! It is the true definition of romance in my opinion. Although this drama may not be for everyone, I still want to give credit to the other aspects beside the romance, such as the writing, directing, and acting. I think they did a really good job!

6. Defendant

Now this is one drama that kept me at the edge of my seat in its every single moment. I feel like Ji Sung delivered everything wonderfully and he is truly the main highlight of this drama. I love the plot and the building process of the narrative which made this drama had no single boring moment at all. You can find my full review here.

Recommended for those of you who like intense thriller story. I am not kidding at all with that word. This drama will leave you breathless every single minute so be prepared! And do not forget the bucket of tears you may shed.

7. Liar Game

So the spot for this one was actually replaced by Defendant as it had lot more depth and more captivating with the plot. While this one is not so relatable and more suitable for a movie plot. But this drama just made my heart race like no other. I was so drown to this drama that for a second I could believe that everything was actually happening. And one of my biggest wish is to get a season 2. This drama is actually a remake from the Japanese version which has several seasons in case you are interested. I will just patiently wait for the Korean version season 2.

Recommended for those of you who love the mystery and thriller genre like I do. There is no romance in this particular one, but honestly you will be so immersed in the actual plot to care about romance anyway.

8. Fight for My Way

Now this is a very recent watch and it may be too early to pop in this list but it was just that good. While my favorite genre will always be in the mystery-thriller alley, there are times when I crave for something light and relatable like this one. This kind of drama has the potential to be slightly boring, but not this one. I love the chemistry between the leads and how the story unfolded step by step. Not much to say, just go watch it if you have not already!

Recommended for everyone who is looking for something light but still has all the elements of RomCom and captivating moments in it. This is the kind of drama that will teach you many life lessons regarding love.

9. I Hear Your Voice

I am terribly sorry for the quality of this picture and the next one in this list, I just can not find a single HD one at the moment. Please ignore that 🙂

Anyway, this is another thriller-courtroom drama that actually has romance in it. By the way, expect a noona-dongsaeng relationship here, which was still so endearing and adorable. I think the plot was really well-written and well-developed here. This is my first ever law-courtroom drama to watch and since then I have been looking for another drama but there is nothing quite like this. It was a special one.

Recommended for you who like a good romance-thriller-suspense. The plot was way less complicated than Defendant but it still delivered everything marvellously. Watching this actually made me interested to be a prosecutor. This is just the kind of drama everyone can easily love!

10. Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

Last but definitely not least is another drama that ended earlier this year. You can find my full review here. It has a similar feeling to Fight for My Way but it was lot more fluffy and lovey-dovey in my opinion. This is not the kind of drama I will typically love, like but not love. But I just could not help but fell for the purity and innocence this drama offered. Everything was delivered with the right amount and watching this really did make me emotional several times.

Recommended for everyone! Highly recommended despite your preferences. There is not much to analyse here, but this is a really great drama that will put your mind at ease during its all 16 episodes. The chemistry between the leads were great and they are another on-screen couple that became a real thing. So kudos to that!

So guys…

That is all from me as of today. I am actually feeling really sleepy right now so the latter part of this show may feel a little off to some of you lol. But nevertheless, I love every single drama in this list to the max. They are in this list for thoughtful reasons and you guys need to check some of them out if you have not already!

Anyway, I am currently watching Jang Ok-jung, Live in Love at the moment and I will definitely review it once I am finished. So yeah, that is all! Let me know on the comments below what are some of YOUR favorites and I may check them out 🙂




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