Review: Maids

Genre: Historical
Written by: Jo Hyun-kyung
Directed by: Jo Hyun-tak
Starring: Jeong Yu-mi, Oh Ji-ho, Kim Dong-wook
Number of episodes: 20
Average rating: –
Original network: jTBC

Hi guys! So I had been sick for the past few days and it was horrible. I do not get sick often, so when I do it is actually pretty bad. Health is truly the most important thing more than anything! Now I am back on track again: eat healthy and exercise.

Anyway, this is a drama I did not plan to watch at all. I was just looking for some random drama to watch while waiting for Seven Days Queen to be finished. It is already halfway of 2017 and I am yet to find something that blew me away. Hopefully there will be something in the remaining months.

This is a drama that I heard nobody talked about. I became curious: just how good/bad this one really was? If you want to hear my thoughts, then just keep on reading.

What’s it about?

When someone’s status can change overnight, does that mean they suddenly get a new life? This drama is about a young woman whose life is forced to change after she lost her family and status. She has to give everything up, including her loved one in order to survive her new life. It is about her journey to reestablish her life, which requires not only bravery but also sacrifices.

What to expect?

  • Long and draggy plot
  • Tragic love story
  • Likeable supporting characters
  • One dimensional main characters
  • Repetitive narrative
  • Useless characters and attempts
  • Kinda nice soundtrack
  • Circular pacing plot
  • Comedic moments
  • Interesting sidekick story

What not to expect?

  • Smartly written plot
  • Intense plot development
  • Satisfying ending
  • Badass characters
  • A complicated and layered story

My long review starts here

Spoiler alert.

First of all, I have to say this is going to be a negative review as you probably can tell. Usually when I watch something I do not necessarily like, I will skip to write a review as it does not excite me to put my feelings in words. However, I want to step out of my comfort zone a bit and provide both positive and negative reviews on my blog. This review may not be too long, but I will try my best to state everything objectively and as reasonable as possible.

If you have read my review on the recent Saeguk that I watched, you probably already knew how I feel about drama in this range. Saeguk always interests me, when it comes to a smartly written plot with a lot of twist and turn. I love the damsel in distress theme that seems to only work well with Saeguk as it was a reality in that era and I also love how badass females can turn out to be despite all the social obstacles. But with this one? Well, keep on reading.

Our main character, portrayed by Jeong Yu-mi was supposed to be a heroine who fought to restore her life and status before the fall. But I must say that she was not a heroine here. I did not have problem with her acting, in fact, I always kinda like her as an actress from my previous watch (Rooftop Prince, Dong Yi). My biggest problem with this drama was its wasted and poorly written plot. Our three main characters annoyed the hell out of me for their uselessness and repetitive actions.

The first 10 episodes did nothing particular in my opinion. I almost drop this drama if not for the “twist” brought in episode 10. I must admit that I was surprised knowing who the leader of Man Wol was. It intrigued me, so I kept going. Well, the last remaining 10 were lot more better to be honest, but they were still too draggy for my taste. 

Although the cast was not the best, I felt like this drama had lot of potential to be great. I liked the plot, someone who was falsely accused due to political issue and left nothing in the world but his one and only daughter who had to suffer from the outcome in order to restore things to normal. But it severely lacked of depth and emotion, that I was not able to sympathize with the characters at all. 

I did not like Moo Myung portrayed by Oh Ji-ho (remember him as one of the OGG Dad from the Return of Superman?). This was my first time watching him as an actor and I was not impressed at all. His expression and movement were too flat being one of the main characters. I understand that Moo Myung was indeed supposed to be a cold man who showed no emotion, but this was just too much.

I did not feel their romance at all. I liked In-yub paired with Eun-ki hundred times better.

And for the last remaining 10 minutes (what’s up with the number 10? Lol), I truly thought the ending would actually turn out good. The scenario I had in mind that time: In-yub left him for good to put an end in this not-supposed-to-happen-relationship by being a nun as she said she did not want to remarry anyone else. Moo Ayung respected her decision and accepted his duty and obligation as a prince of the nation by claiming his title in the palace (and later on maybe he was the next king?). Say what? My scenario was too good to be true, right? The actual ending was more absurd than they just ended up together at the first place.

Well, I gave up on the main characters all in all. As I said, the supporting cast actually had better plot to watch.

I liked the comedic aspect in this drama. How the maids and servants worked together to “fool” their masters, it was just hilarious! (Remember the butt-meat scene?). In fact, I secretly thought that maybe one day they could make a comedy Saeguk drama. Maybe. 

I also really liked Dan Ji and Yoon-seo’ story. They both were cute and likeable, despite all the characters flaws and imperfections. Their romance was also lot more reasonable than the triangle love of our main characters was. In-yub living two different lives that she loved two different men in each? This did not work for me, sorry.


Objective: 5/10
Subjective: 3/10

Last but not least

I was pretty harsh with the rating, but that was my honest opinion! I actually had to force myself to go through each episode because I wanted to give this a full review. I do not really enjoy writing negative reviews like this because I feel like I sound so mad and harsh since the beginning, do not I?

And no, I will not recommend this drama for anyone. You can find hundred better Saeguk out there believe me. Feel free to leave some of your favorites on the comment below, I may check them out! 🙂 See you guys in my next post.



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