Mini Review: Whisper + I’m Back!

I’m finally back for good! I’m so sorry that I was absent for more than a month now–finals just have been hella crazy. But now I’m really back on track to 1 post/week again. I miss writing here so much and since I just started my 3-month long holiday, I will definitely make some upgrades here and there from the content of my blog to the visual.

For now, let’s just jump right into the review.

Mini Review

No spoiler.

First of all, I want to be honest that this drama disappoints me in a strange way. At one side, I honestly was impressed by the cast. I have always been a fan of Lee Bo-young—she’s always so badass and fearless, especially in this kind of drama. Well, honestly I never saw her anywhere else but in legal-thriller-action field. I was also happy to be reunited with Lee Sang-yoon once again after Liar Gamewhich is definitely my Top 10 favorite dramas of all time. I do not have any particular comment for his character here, I neither love or dislike him. 

But the duo that really stole the spotlight in this drama were Kwon Yul and Park Se-young. This is probably the only time that I enjoy watching the villains way more than the heroes. Let me tell you something, this drama excelled at making  the plot turned around completely in the very last second. And that is the reason why I managed to finish this drama until the very last moment. I love how everything could change completely in a brief second and that nobody was ever safe in this drama. 

However, my one and biggest complain that makes this drama a turn-off for me is: Where is the excitement?

What I am always looking for in drama like this is the thrilling sensation that keeps me at the edge of my seat and making me forget to breathe. Usually a legal drama that involves corruption and political aspect will have much to present on the table. But there was no such thing there in this drama.

In my opinion, this drama is rather single-plotted. There was basically only single plot without branching. It seemed like every character just walked on a very narrow path together with nobody dared to jump away. I wanted more background story of each character, I wanted more flashback, I wanted more what ifs. But I just got nothing out of it.

This drama has been really confusing for me. I like it at the other hand because it was different. But at the same time I found nothing I was looking for. And that is why I only made a mini review for this drama instead of my usual full review. I do not really have the excitement to analyse and discuss of this drama as an overall.

Do I recommend this drama?

Once again, it is a yes and a no. I bet some of you are curious after reading my review. If that is the case, I would say go ahead and check it out! Maybe it will work out for you better. But if I were to be subjective, I do not recommend this drama to you thriller fans out there. Signal and Defendant are much better option to try out.

So this is the end of my super short mini review post. I will see you in my next post, bye!


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