Shine Under Your Own Spotlight

Starve your distractions. Feed your focus.

Hey guys, so today’s post is going to talk about something that I think many people are struggling with sometimes, including myself. To be clear, it is about how not to keep your focus on other people and get carried away by them, and instead learn to focus on personal growth.

Before I start, as usual I want to share about the current situation of my life. So, I’m currently near the end of my first year in college. Beside the preparation for finals, I have a lot more going on in my life that I haven’t figured out yet so I don’t want to talk about them now. As for now, I just can’t wait to have a peaceful holiday without constantly overthinking so much.

And I realized that the layout my posts are kinda plain and boring to look at. I will definitely work on them once I have my break. I will probably add some illustration to each of my post matching with the topic of the post or something. I don’t know yet, but I promise I will work on it. Please bear with me a little longer 🙂

Okay, so…

Shine under my own spotlight. Honestly, that’s something I struggle with so much and so badly all my life. Sometimes my insecurity would kick in and suddenly I don’t even know what to do anymore.

And one of my worst weaknesses is probably jealousy. I admit that I get envy pretty easily, but not in the hateful way. It’s more about making me self-conscious  and insecure even when I was just starting to feel good about myself.

An easy example, I got something I want and I’m really happy about it, but then I see others got something even better than mine. That’s when all the excitement I just felt disappear without trace.

I have that state of mind all my life and let me tell you that it is not healthy way to live your life.

I’m not happy with my past, but I’m grateful for the lesson. Although I’m a lot better now than I used to be, I won’t say that this is over now. From times to times,  jealousy and insecurity are still my weaknesses that I have to be aware of.

But I have discovered some tips that always help me a lot when I feel those negativity kick in.

The first one is…

Don’t look at any direction but ahead.

Yes, simple like that. You can’t focus on two things—yourself and others at the same time.

Want to focus on others? Do it then and you will forever be the invisible loyal puppy behind their steps.

Or you can focus on yourself and yourself only and let the magic happens. It is definitely not easy. Most of the times you will face the temptation to glance at other direction and get swayed. But don’t.

Believe or not, simple things like that can cloud your mind and affect your performance. For example, as I’m being a design student where creativity is a really important aspect, it is crucial for me to develop my own creative style. If I’m constantly comparing my works to the others, I will always try to imitate their style and works, neglecting my own. It’s not the same as taking an inspiration though. Get inspired from your surrounding is good thing, but be careful not to try too hard.

Stop all the unnecessary repeated “stalking” and you’ll be good.

And the next one is…

Work the heck out of you as hard as you can.

This is my own personal experience, one time I became so frustrated because my work was “different” than others and that time I even thought to start over to make it more “similar” to theirs. But in the end, I decided to just go with my original work and just stop all the overthinking.

And guess what?

I got compliment from my lecturer and that moment I realized that it is whole more comfortable to shine under your own spotlight rather than borrowing others’.

I’m a strong believer that hardwork never disappoints. And one thing you can do to create your own personal spotlight is work hard. When you do the best you can with your all, you will feel happy looking at your work. You might not be completely satisfied and feel that you can do better. It’s alright, that means you are on the right track. That means you’re focusing on yourself and giving yourself another chance to be better.

This is not an easy task at all.

But what is worse than failing? It’s never trying.

Believe me that baby steps matter. It is alright if at first your light doesn’t shine as bright as your surroundings. It is alright if sometimes your light will completely turn off, you can always light it up again. And it is alright if your light is so small and tight, as long as it’s enough for you to stand underneath.

You will eventually get there. We will.

So this complete this post. Leave me recommendations below of what you want to see from me next 🙂




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