Mini Review: 13 Reasons Why + Small Talk

Happy Friday guys! For the next few weeks I most likely will be very busy especially since Final Exam is near, but then I will have approximately 3 months of holiday! And we are planning to spend 1 month at Korea and China which I’m so excited about. I can’t wait to travel again to explore new places and taking photographs. So, stay tuned for my first travel-related post and bunch of my travel pictures on my Instagram! 🙂

I just finished this show today. I just can’t help to watch it despite the mountain of assignments I have since everyone is talking about it non stop. If you want to know my opinions on this show, then just keep on reading.

No one knows what’s really going on in another person’s life. And you never know how what you do will affect someone else. — Hannah Baker

I’m thinking to make this “mini review” in a small talk kind of post if you guys don’t mind. So, basically this show is about a 17-year old girl named Hannah Baker who killed herself, leaving nothing but 13 tapes about the reasons why. 13 reasons why she killed herself.

There are total of 13 episodes which we get to listen to the tape chronologically per episode.

Since I said that I want to review this show in a small talk format, I’m not going through each episode discussing each tape with you guys. I will just share my thoughts on some important parts that I found intriguing. So, let’s just get started.

Spoiler alert.

Many people said that high school are going to be the best years in your life. Some of my seniors said so when I first entered high school. At that time, I wanted it to be true so bad as I believed that I was going to have a new start after those “not-so-great” years in junior high. And how did it turn out? I certainly hope that those would not be the best years in my life. I mean, personally for me it’s not terrible but I hope that I will have another “best years” in the future that is better.

But for some people, high school could turn out to be the worst years in their lives. There are many factors of course, but mainly is because you are on the process to enter the new stage in your life which is adulthood. Everything starts to become more real once you are on this stage. Emotions such as love, jealousy, fear, sadness, anger, etc become stronger than those years in your childhood. And the result? You will try to protect yourself—your pride, your body, your feelings, your heart at all cost.

I think that’s what everyone in this show did. Especially Hannah who has her feelings hurt too many times. In the end, she made those tapes as the last attempt to protect herself—not letting anyone step on her anymore.

The quote I inserted at the beginning of this review hit me hard. Yes, we never know how we will affect someone else by our words, actions, glances, smirks, and everything. Humans are sensitive creatures and we will start guessing and analysing those things, those little things.

The first issue is rumour.

What spreads faster than a rumour? Nothing.

The moment Justin took those photos of Hannah and Bryce released them as jokes, Hannah’s life started to fall apart. She became the girl who sat alone at lunch, no longer because her best friend had moved away, but because nobody wants to sit with her. People in high school cared so much about reputations. And after another rumour after another rumour started to fall on Hannah’s side, she became someone you have to avoid for the sake of your reputation.

It has been an unlisted rule even since I was at kindergarten: if you’re friends with enemy, then you become an enemy as well. 

And everyone loves rumours and gossips until you become the subject of it. When you are, you will feel that your entire world is falling apart in a second. People always take rumours and gossips lightly, but it is never okay for someone you are gossiping about.

After awhile, the rumour went down but you remained dirty in everyone’s mind.

Being someone everyone judged about is one thing, but being someone nobody cared about is another kind of pain. After those rumours of Hannah’s romance started to go down, she became an invisible someone that nobody cared about. I know it hurts so bad because I’ve been through the same. People may think that “What’s the big deal? You should just live your life”, it’s true only if you are not “locked away” for 12 years in a place where they told you where to sit, when to pee, and what to think. That kind of lonely hurts more than anything.

I think there will be many people who can relate to Hannah in a way or two, including myself. I don’t agree with all of her decisions and actions, but looking at her, I could see some reflections of mine lingering.

The second issue is friendship.

In my opinion, high school friendships would either last for a long time or end in a second. There is no in-between at all. Because as I said before, everyone will do everything they could to protect themselves. And a friend would either be loyal or there were just just another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

And you will only get to realize which is which once they betray you. And again, rarely it has anything to do with you, it’s just another attempt of self-protection.

Especially when it comes to rumour, everyone wants to avoid being in one at all cost including throwing you under the bus for their sake. Of all the characters in this show, the ones I hated the most are Courtney and Bryce. I may even hated Courtney a tiny bit more because she was the worst friend anybody could ask for. Pretending to be nice to hide her rotten soul from the world.

But those kind of people exist not only in high school but everywhere in the world.

Apparently, all those “friendships” Hannah made are the kind of friendship that ends in a second. Jessica, as she was all about boys and refuse to hear her friend out at all. Alex, for using Hannah whose reputation already ruined to gain attention. Courtney, the selfish betrayer. Ryan, again for using Hannah for personal gain. And Sheri, to save herself from trouble.

However, it’s not fair to solely blame them for Hannah’s death. Because sometimes you also play a part in why your friendship doesn’t work out. When you have so many things coming back and forth in your life, you could just automatically seem “dark” to other people. Even if you don’t realize it yourself. People just don’t feel comfortable around you, and it’s not their fault. It’s sad, but it’s the truth. What you can do in this case is you have to get up and do anything to make your soul happy again and not to drown even deeper into your depression.

And the third issue is people around you.

While some people actually act in making your life hard, most of them just don’t care or don’t care enough.

When something bad happened to you, people could be sympathetic toward you but most of the time that’s all. They moved on and forgot about it in a second, leaving you to deal with everything on your own. Or some would actually care and walk by your side up to a point where they finally stopped and you’re on your own again. And very few would actually stay until the very end.

It’s just how our society works.

Some of you care. None of you cared enough. — Hannah Baker

Although everyone seemed to be against Hannah throughout this show, there were very few characters who actually tried to care.

Let’s start with Clay, our little Clay. I had a love-hate relationship with him because even though he didn’t realize, he actually played a really big role in Hannah’s life. There were points where he was the only thing Hannah hung her life onto. I understand him for not having the courage and willpower to try again after being turned down ambiguously by Hannah, as he being a socially-awkward person just like I am. It broke my heart watching him with those what ifsWhat if he didn’t leave her that night? We never know.

Another favorite character of mine was Zach. He was one of the nice jocks Kat was talking about. Despite his friends leaving, he tried to comfort Hannah after her date with Marcus turned into disaster. It was very sweet of him and definitely one of my favorite scenes! And the day after, when he dared to ask Hannah out under everyone’s eyes. What caused him to fail was his terrible timing. How, when you witnessed it directly how your friend insulted Hannah by calling her easy the night before, could you ask her out? Seriously Zach… Your downfall is your impatience. 

And the last one on this category is Mr. Porter. No more explanation, he was just someone who all talks with no actions for me. He only interested in the surface of the ocean, without willing to wet his clothes by swimming a little bit deeper.

Okay so…

I already feel that this review is a million pages long and I will end it soon. Personally for me, I kind of find this show disturbing for it portrayed the nasty and ugly sides of high school teenagers.

This show affected me so much by taking my memories back to those days in my life I don’t want to remember.

And I couldn’t bear to watch Hannah’s final moment. I just can’t. I covered the screen with my palm and only listened to the painful scream of hers.

I feel bad in the worst way possible for Hannah’s parents. It broke my heart watching they tried their hardest to cope with the entire situation. Mrs. Baker who didn’t want to force her daughter to become a Pharmacist and Mr. Baker who bought her daughter a new car to grant her wish for a limo which he couldn’t afford.

So, in the end everyone would move on eventually.

This show just portrayed this issue so realistically. When you’re in high school, you will make some of the most important decisions in your life. About your future, how people will remember you, how you want to be remembered, and how to be who you are. Not all of them will work your way, some—if not most will mess you up freaking badly.

But you have to stand up every time life pushed you down.

High school may not be the best years in your life, but it is because they are yet to come. Believe that and remember, suicide is never an option at all.

What do you guys think of this show? Do you like it or dislike it? Why?



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