Review: Tomorrow With You

Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Fantasy
Written by: Heo Sung-hye
Directed by: Yoo Je-won
Starring: Shin Min-a, Lee Je-hoon
Number of episodes: 16
Average rating: 2.1% (TNmS)
Original network: tvN

Hi guys! Welcome back to another review of mine about this drama I just finished less than 1 hour ago. My “short break” will end this week and I’m planning to watch at least 1 more drama by the end of the week. Can you guess what I’m gonna watch?

Yeah, you’re right. I’ve had my eyes on Strong Woman Do Bong-soon for quite some time and finally I get to watch it this week! Stay tuned for another review by the end of this week or early next week.

I’ll cut this opening short because I honestly can’t wait any longer to the review part.

What’s it about?

If you have the ability not only to foresee, but actually be there in the moment of your future, what will you do? Are you going to make some changes to make it better before your time comes? But what if, you are only expected to be an audience instead of a director?  Are you still going to defy in the name of love?

What to expect?

  • A beautifully written plot
  • Melancholy and mellow stream
  • Amazing chemistry between the leads
  • Important things to learn about life
  • Sweet and relatable romance
  • Dating after marriage
  • Heartbreaks
  • Time traveling
  • Annoying villain
  • Lovable characters

What not to expect?

  • Real OST (they are played mostly in the instrumental version)
  • The best time traveling story
  • Crazy family/office/friendship drama
  • All your questions being answered

My long review starts here

Spoiler alert.

Woah guys, this drama just tug at my heartstrings since the beginning. I’m so freaking excited for this review because honestly I have so much to say about this drama.

Shall we start with the good or the bad first?

Okay, the bad news first. Really, don’t expect this drama to be the best time traveling story out there because it isn’t. Well, honestly I don’t think there would ever be a perfect time travel/another world kind of story because there will always be something that doesn’t add up or make any sense no matter how careful and meticulous you are in writing the plot. However, that won’t dim the light of a true gem.

I won’t discuss much about the plot holes part because as I just said, sometimes when something is already so good, I can just happily look past its flaws and imperfection. And this drama is that kind of thing.

I always love melodrama more than anything else with the right dose. I think that melancholic is such a beautiful emotion of a human being. I love mellow cinematography, words that just hit the spot, and instrumental background music. And I found all of them in this drama. 

This doesn’t have much to do with this drama, but I find myself the “contract marriage” kind of theme is always hard to resist although it’s so ridiculously common to find in the world of Kdrama. This drama isn’t anything near contract marriage though, but my point is I enjoy watching how love slowly but surely blooms after the couple walk down the aisle. 

I’m completely invested in the relationship of this couple. I love how natural and flowing their relationship grows after their marriage. So-joon learning about the importance of honesty, they discussing about their jobs plans, comforting each other when in pain, Ma-rin learning how to drive. Small things like that makes their relationship relatable and believable at the same time.

Talking about the characters, I will start with Ma-rin first. I don’t know about you, but I feel connected to Ma-rin deeply. She’s an innocent and vulnerable, yet strong at heart in the same time. It’s hard to completely describe her character, but she does have that spark you can’t resist. She’s sensitive with how others treat her—words and actions, given those bitter years she had been through.

With So-joon, it’s so much different. For me, he’s just a man who is willing to do anything to protect his loved ones—especially Ma-rin as the only family he has, after his immaturity that caused him lost his parents at the accident.

I will give a honourable mention to Ki Doong as the perfect sidekick of So-joon. I love how loyal and caring his character toward So-joon and people around him. I appreciate the friendship he built with Ma-rin as his best friend’s wife. But really, I was so afraid that he might betray So-joon for money (as he always mentions the lottery) but fortunately it’s just me overthinking.

To be honest with you guys, I feel like constantly walking on eggshells throughout this drama. There were just so much things could go wrong, from So-joon’s secret, Ma-rin’s suspicion, their death, Director Kim, and Ma-rin’s dad. One wrong step could break everything into pieces. This drama is poignant like that.

Moving on to the time travel world, I think that concept like this—another world is always tricky and risky to write. Consistency about the rules in the new world the author created is important. In the case of time traveling, the author needs to make the outcome of the characters’ decisions and actions realistic and click to the rules. Otherwise everything could go out of control with abundant plot holes like the case in the drama W — Two Worlds. I personally think that the key is not making everything too complicated that will make it hard to keep up in the future. Just keep the basic as simple as possible and let the story goes with the flow.

With this, frankly speaking, I didn’t really notice much plot holes that bothered me so bad. But maybe I was just focused on So-joon and Ma-rin’ relationship to analyze anything else. However, sometimes I could get a little confused of exactly what time we are now in the future because it’s important to relate it to the present time. Other than that, I think this drama made the plot smooth enough to follow.

This drama makes me realize something, it’s that traveling to the future is scarier than traveling to the past. Let me explain, when you could go to the past to change something that will affect the present time, when things go wrong you could always go back further to the past and fix it. Of course there are also chances that several things can’t be changed no matter how hard you try. But it’s less scary than going to the future. When So-joon goes to the future, he can only see what is going to happen. Then he comes back to the present and try to fix some things so the future could change. However, when things go wrong the only thing he could do is keep walking and deal with the mess in the present.

Am I making any sense here? Please let me know lol.

Trying to change the future is risky because there is always a chance that someone will make different choice based on your new actions. I think a lot about this whole concept of changing the future. It sounds tempting, right? To be able to make your future better than originally planned.

But what if despite all your efforts, there are still things that you can’t change at all? For me, I will probably go crazy like Director Kim.

Now let’s take a moment to think over the meaning of the title Tomorrow With You. The meaning of that sentence is deeply touching for me. It’s So-joon’s one and only hope after learning about Ma-rin and his possible death. It is to have one hour, or even ten minutes to be with her tomorrow. 

My favorite moments in this drama are when So-joon was honest with Ma-rin for the first time talking about his parents’ death and he let himself to lean on Ma-rin’s shoulder for a moment. And how he also was honest after that, admitting that he did keep secrets from her and he will tell her eventually.

Another moment is when So-joon was crazily worried over how their relationship could go wrong after meeting the future Ma-rin. And Ma-rin brought him back in the simplest way by making him to choose: is it the present or the future that is yet to happen and always changing. It did make So-joon came to the realisation to appreciate the precious relationship he currently had rather than worrying over what will happen tomorrow.

Ring a bell? Yes, that is one of the things I learnt. The present is your gift.


Objective: 9.5/10
Subjective: 9.8/10

Last but not least

I genuinely recommend this drama for everyone to watch. It’s something that will warm your heart and make you learn important things. Although if you don’t like time traveling theme, please give this one a try.

And I have a question for you guys to answer in the comment section below, what do you think about traveling to the past/future? Do you want to take the risk? 🙂


One thought on “Review: Tomorrow With You

  1. I love sci-fi and that’s the reason l watched this drama
    I loved the So-Joon but l started getting irritated with Ma Rin by episode 3
    I don’t know how l managed to watch all 16 episodes
    He was good but she wasn’t
    I wondered whether she was bipolar
    Her irritating personality made me wonder he could be in love with her



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