The Hidden Gem: Confidence

We focus so much on how far we have to go that we forget how far we came. Take a moment to appreciate your accomplishments. (

Constantly feel bad about yourself? You need to read this post.

Hi guys! Currently I’m on a short “midterm break” so I have a few days to do my own things before going back to my assignments. So, today’s post is going to be a little chit chat about something I’ve learnt recently. Hopefully this post will inspire you in some ways! 🙂

As you can tell from the title, today’s topic is going to be about confidence. But what does it actually mean for me?

Before I get started, I will share a little bit about my past. I never was the confident human being since I was bornt. The nonexistence of fellow kids in my childhood made me the only one who was constantly being watched and judged by adults in my family. I always knew when I did wrong and I felt rather bad about myself. During my school years, my lack of confidence turned into something extreme. I always believed that I couldn’t do anything and anything I did would result in failure. Of course there were factors contributing to my state of mind, but let’s talk about that at another time. So, basically everyone saw me as the girl with no confidence and always felt bad about herself. Pathetic? Yeah.

But the thing was, I never felt the need to make a change. I believed that, that was just who I am as a person and that was never gonna change.

But guess what? I was wrong all my life.

I admit that my lack of confidence had so much to do with my environment and the people around me. I’m not trying to blame anyone here and you should not as well because confidence is the hidden gem you have within yourself. And nobody could take that away from you, ever.

So anyway, as I graduated from high school and entered the whole new university life, I felt like I have been given a new chance. Side note, I went to the same school from primary all through high school with the same people. Now you know what I meant by my “environment”.

The precious thing I have learnt in the past year is how important it is for someone to be confident about themselves.

Confidence is not about being sure about every second of your life, but it is about feeling good about yourself.

That is my own definition of confidence, and I truly see the beauty in it now. Sure, there will always be times in our lives when we feel afraid or in doubt. But those times should not stop us from feeling good about ourselves. Believe that you do have the strength within yourself. Be proud of it and slay whatever life throws at you.

I’m proud to say that I feel good about myself now. Although there are challenges every day that could somehow discourage my confidence. That’s okay and I take it as a part of learning. There are still so many times when I feel bad about myself by comparing myself to the others, but I’m already much better than myself one year ago. When those “discouraging” factors stop by my way, I will always try to minimise them and let my confidence takes over the major part of my mind.

If you ask me exactly how to do it, I would say there are not any particular steps to reach to that point. You just do it by loving yourself a little bit more and see the world with your own eyes and mind rather than borrowing somebody else’s.

There is a big gap though between confidence and cockiness. Confidence is all about yourself: feel good, be proud of yourself, and continue to improve to be the better version of you. But cockiness, at the other hand is constantly competing and looking down at others rather than improve your own quality.

Now, I came to the conclusion that confidence will continue to makes you shine brighter and brighter over time.

Let’s learn and improve together as we go on with life. Sometimes life can be cruel, but we hold the power not to let it discourage us from feeling good about ourselves. Believe, be proud, and shine brighter than the yesterday you!

Feel free to drop any questions/adding some words regarding this topic at the comment section below. See you guys on my next post! 🙂



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