Mini Review: Splash Splash Love + Life Update

Hey guys! Welcome to this mini review of the drama I just finished earlier today. Before I jump into the review, I feel like I wanna give you guys a little update with my life since I last update this blog. If you’re not interested, you can jump right into the review. 

There have been ups and downs for sure in March and I have many things going on right now (I feel like I say this every time but yeah). I have been feeling anxious and uninspired especially when I’m falling out of my routine.

Honestly this is something I just discovered about myself. I always thought that I hated my life being controlled by a routine but now I just realized that it was not the case. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for new things and changes but I can’t live when the little things in my life falling out of order. Yeah, I sound pretty crazy right now but I guess that’s just how I am. I truly hope that your March was better than mine and let’s hope together that April will be better.

And before I forget! I made a new resolution yesterday: I will commit myself to one post a week from now on. As I said before, I really hate the feeling of things in my life falling out of order and I have been neglected my blog for quite some time. Believe me, that is always on my mind and making me uneasy. I can’t promise to write review kind of post though, maybe I will, but maybe I will not. We’ll see! Some I may just write about random stuff and rambling here and there, I hope you don’t mind. But please let me know down below what kind of post you wanna see from me and I will try to do it for you.

Okay so this life update has been like forever and I’m going to jump right into the review now!

Mini Review

No spoiler.

So for the sake of updating my blog, I went for a drama that I can finish in a few hours and I was torn between Page Turner and this one. Both are interesting but this one is even shorter with only 2 episodes, yes only 2.

Honestly I have low expectation because how could you impress me in 2 hours, really? Yes, I know it’s actually the same length as a movie but I was just skeptical. Especially when it’s a time-travel theme, I’m afraid things will get messy in this drama.

In the end, I’m actually surprised how much I like this drama! It’s far from making it to my top must watch drama but it’s still good. Especially when they managed to make something good out in 2 hours. And side note, this drama has the similar plot to the popular Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds drama.

So basically this is about a high school girl traveling back in time to the Joseon era. And this is a very light drama with the touch of romance. I’m not going to judge the romance aspect being kind of something you’ve seen a million times because overall I enjoy watching this to the end. It only has a simple plot though, about how you discover the capabilities you have within yourself from other people.

I didn’t see familiar cast aside from the female lead, Kim Seul-gi who starred as the ghost Shin Soon-ae in Oh My Ghost. Aside for her, I don’t recognize anyone else. Ah, the male lead is Yoon Doo-joon in case you’re wondering.

And the best part of this drama is, I actually learnt something from it. There is a moment in this drama that I like so much.

King Se-jong: Wow… How can the sky fit into this thing? (a cellphone)

Jang Dan-bi: It’s pretty, right?

King Se-jong: If you look at this, you wouldn’t have to look up at the sky. (then suddenly the cellphone died) What? What happened?

Jang Dan-bi: Ah, the battery died.

King Se-jong: Yeah, I guess it’s better to have something permanent. (he looks up the sky)

Jang Dan-bi: (looks up to the sky as well) Wow… This really is Joseon. There are so many stars.

King Se-jong: Those precious stars tell us the date and time.

Jang Dan-bi: In the future, there are not many stars. You can only see the few brightest stars and the others are as if they don’t exist at all.

King Se-jong: Look well. At first, you only see the brightest star. But if you keep looking like this… See? The less bright ones eventually start to shine more brightly.

Jang Dan-bi: Wow, I can really see more now.

King Se-jong: The stars are not actually shining brighter, but the person’s will to see them is becoming bigger.

If you won’t watch this drama, I hope this last quote will still inspire you somehow.

So overall, this is a good drama that worth your 2 hours time. Leave me some of your favorites from the  “short/web” drama category and I will check them out. Stay tuned for my next post guys!



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