Best of 2016

1 Year = 365 Opportunities

Hi guys! This post is dedicated to the amazing 2016 and as well my thank you note for everyone and everything that made this year become something unforgettable for me.

Now that we are standing at the very end of the year, I feel very thankful for everything—the good and bad that happened in these long 365 days. Some days were not so bright as the others, but what I can never forget is how I started many new things that now became things that are so important to me. 

The first thing is I finally gathered all the courage and will to start my own blog! To be honest, I had this idea to have a blog since last year but I hesitated a lot that ended up in procrastination. But in the long holiday period I had after graduating from high school, I finally put my heart in to start my very own blog. I felt inspired by all the beautiful blogs out there where people can share things such as their travel journeys, their thoughts, photographs, and many others. I intended to make this blog a platform to share things I love and important to me to the world. This blog still has a long journey ahead and I hope you all can stay with me throughout it. 

Another thing is I truly discovered my passion in several things. I contemplated A LOT when choosing my university and the major I’m going to study. I spent months after months on the internet looking for some sort of enlightenment and I found that I really want to go to the UK studying Graphic Design. I never felt wanting something that much and yet because of some reasons I could not fulfil that dream of mine yet. But it is something sitting at the very top of my life plan. Another thing that I never even thought would be an important part of my life is makeup! And for that I want to especially thank KathleenLights, she is a really popular Beauty Vlogger at Youtube and she is amazing. I only wore makeup on special occasions and I never really cared about it. I do care of how I look like but never about the things I put on my face right until she led me to discover the magic behind it. Now I can say that I AM OBSESSED with everything about makeup and I definitely could picture it taking a huge part in my life. I don’t think I want to become a Beauty Vlogger or anything like that, at least not at this moment, I’m actually more interested in trying out makeup products and review them. But once again, I haven’t got a definite plan of it yet. However, trust me, it’s going there.

So now before I jump in to the BEST of 2016, I want to thank my few followers and whoever is reading this post right now. Thank you for taking time to read and visit my blog even though there isn’t many things here yet. Thank you, it really means the world to me.

BEST OF 2016



Honestly I don’t think 2016 is the best year for books. I read total of 51 books this year but I did not discover something totally spectacular. I mean, I did give out 5-star rating to several books but I expected more. 

When I sit down and think, the book that deserves to be my best read of 2016 has to be this one. You can read my full review on Goodreads. I will definitely recommend this book to everyone in all age range. This is a contemporary book telling the story of ordinary people with their daily lives and struggles. This book really does warm my heart with it’s meaningful message about family and the people you love. If you are a fan of Sophie Kinsella but have not yet read this one or if you just started to read her books, let me tell you that this book is her strongest work to date so far. And I’m looking forward for her new book coming out in 2017, My Not So Perfect Life.


signallThe best K-drama of 2016? Hands down it’s Signal all the way! Again, honestly I’m not really excited about the dramas coming out this year (I have not yet watched Weightlifting Kim Bok-joo or Blue Sea though). But this one really stood out for me among the others.

You can read my full review of this wonderful drama here. I’m aware that this is not the drama for everyone, especially those with traumatic experiences regarding rape and abuse. But this drama just kept me at the edge of my seat all the time and I just want to say that everything about it is amazing.


fbYou can say that I’m not much a movie person. The number of movies I’ve watched this year probably could be counted with fingers. But I do like this movie so very much!

I think almost everyone has gone to see this movie already. The main reason why I put this movie for the best of 2016 is because I’m a Potterhead and I love everything about Harry Potter. I love that this movie is going to be a start of another series of Harry Potter related movie. I love the visual of fantastic creatures in this movie and the main characters are just so lovable! Although I don’t really feel connected with Newt because he was just giving the same expression throughout the show. But nevertheless, this is a really light movie to watch and if you haven’t already, you definitely should give it a try!

I think this included everything I want to share with you guys this year. I’m planning to do this kind of post every year and next year I will definitely make it longer. I’m anticipating 2017 to be filled with new adventures and traveling and I wish the same for you guys! It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings, happy new year!



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