Review: The K2


Genre: Political drama, Romance
Written by: Jang Hyuk-rin
Directed by: Kwang Jung-hwan
Starring: Ji Chang-wook, Im Yoon-ah, Song Yoon-ah, Jo Sung-ha
Number of episodes: 16
Average rating: 4.865% (TNmS)
Original network: tvN

I’m so excited because Christmas is around the corner! That means holiday and time to watch more dramas. What are you guys currently watching and liking right now? I can’t wait to catch up with Legend of the Blue Sea and Weightlifting Kim Bok-joo that everyone is talking about.

I’ll definitely be more active during holiday so in the mean time I apologise once again for my absent from time to time. But I will still read and reply to every comment so don’t be hesitate to send anything!

Anyway, I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED (do you notice how many times already I’ve said this word) FOR TAYLOR’S NEW SONG WITH ZAYN FOR FIFTY SHADES DARKER. Since she’s on a break, I didn’t expect for a new song not when 2016 is coming to an end. I truly wish for a new album next year. Seriously.

What’s it about?

The nastiness and ugliness of politic were being portrayed along with its suspense and action. But despite everything, there is always a place for romance to bloom. From betrayal to love, from love to rage, from wound to forgiveness. Just see by yourself.

What to expect?

  • Amazing mastermind villains
  • Yoona in a form you have never seen before
  • Ji Chang-wook’s hella hot figure and actions
  • An ending you could not love more
  • Overdone scenes

What not to expect?

  • Something that you’ll remember for a long time
  • Lot of romance and kisses
  • Many emotional moments

My long review starts here

Spoiler alert.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this drama now. I watched it around 2 weeks ago and let me tell you that I don’t feel like I like this drama as much as I did before. Mainly because this drama is not a memorable one for me. I still remember the storyline and everything, but the feeling is just not here anymore. Probably in a few months I may even only remember the ending. So if you’re someone who loves this drama so much, this review may not be for you.

I still remember the first episode though, it reminded me of a western action movie. I love the hint of mystery in Anna’s first appearance in the show. My first thought was: who is this girl? I have never seen Yoona’s in that state before. Messy and vulnerable instead of cheerful and pretty. That time I expected so much from this drama and especially waiting for Yoona to impress me. I feel like she has been equipped with all the potential to do great in this drama.

Sometimes, flickering lights trigger it. However, big flashes of light are terrible for her. That’s why we have the curtains drawn in the house all the time. But if she faces a strong beam of light head-on, like sunlight or a camera flash, she can get short-term amnesia. 

A character with some sort of psychological condition in an action packed drama? I had such a high expectation.

While we are on this part, let’s talk about Yoona’s performance as a whole in this drama. I’m never a big fan of Yoona both as a singer and as an actress. Her previous roles seem like she’s still lingering on the safe side and this drama might be a challenge for her. I think she is not anywhere near terrible but I’m not impressed also. Both by her acting and Anna’s character. The character I thought would be interesting just didn’t turn out as I expected her to be. 

There are 2 Annas in this drama, Anna in the first few episodes and the latter. There’s no in-between, and by that I mean that I wish to see a smoother transition of Anna. While she’s slowly recovering, I wish that she didn’t just change into a different person right away.

But I’m not giving a dead penalty for that because our villains are amazing. Both Jo Sung-ha and Song Yoon-ah made me have a love-hate relationship with Assemblyman Jang and Choi Yoo-jin, especially Choi Yoo-jin. 

The reason why I didn’t meet Anna for all this time is because me seeing her puts her in danger. I’ve sold my soul to the devil for the sake of my own greed. And due to that, I’ve lost my morals and the people I love. But this thing called greed doesn’t come with brakes. I need to speed up even more in order to escape Choi Yoo-jin’s clutches. Anna is a hostage. I can only save her if I gain the ultimate amount of power.

Hate him for his playboy and unfaithful traits that actually caused everything became this way. Couldn’t hate him because I truly did see the affection he has for Anna in his eyes. Maybe, just maybe deep inside he has that tiny bit of regret for how he’s been living all this time.

And I think that the scene where Anna’s singing “Amazing Grace” by herself at the church was so beautiful beyond words. I felt tears in my eyes in that wordless moment.

If that ever happens, wait for me at the exact spot where you lost me. No matter how scared you may get, you have to withstand that and wait. Then Daddy will come to where you are, Anna, and find you.

Just why on earth can’t you keep that promise? 

One more thing that I wished to see more but instead dissipated was the relationship between Anna and Assemblyman Jang. The church scene was great but then it all went downhill when the romance took place.

Choi Yoo-jin: A man with dreams doesn’t fear death. He’s dreamed of being president for his entire life. And then, one day, he dies by your hand out of the blue. Wouldn’t that be a bit strange? You call that revenge? We have to wake him up from that sweet dream of his first. And we have to obliterate him so that he can never have another dream again. And at the final moment, you can offer him a rope. If you do, he’ll hang himself of his own accord.

Hate her for being so cold-blooded cruel and sly but couldn’t hate her because deep down she’s a deeply wounded woman who used all her strength to build–instead of a wall, a big supply of ammunition to use for anyone having the potential to hurt her once again.

Out other villains are kinda useless because they’re facing the mastermind Choi Yoo-jin. As she’s always one step ahead in everything. She’s controlling and manipulating that I feared her. I feared that confident smile she always wore on her face. You never knew what she was planning. She’s a villain that I’ll remember for a long time.

Now we’re down to our hero, Kim Je-ha. First, let me tell you again that Ji Chang-wook is one of the best when it comes to action. He’s a natural in those kind of roles. I’ve watched him in Healer before and I could say that K2 has the more intense action yet he managed to do it so well. But I like him in Healer way better as a character. When it comes to personality, I don’t think Je-ha is my favorite type. He was cool, he was cute, he could protect you at any cost, but I just didn’t feel the kind of connection I did with Healer. This is only my humble opinion and I know many people are going to disagree. But, well.

At one point around the halfway, I gave up trying to understand everything with logic and common sense. I can’t break it down one by one but let me warn you that this drama is really messy arranging its plot. There were too many eggs put in one basket and it was not thrilling. Beside, messiness means plot holes.

And the “comedy” this drama desperately tried to insert.

Well, at the very least the ending pleased me. It’s nothing really special but I feel like it was a brilliant way to end this show.


Objective: 7/10
Subjective: 6/10

Last but not least

If you’re planning to watch this show, don’t be discouraged by my review. I’d say go for it and see if it works out better for you than for me!

I foresee comparisons to Yong Pal arising and someone asked me which one do I like better. First, I see where this is coming from since the writer is the same. It may feel similar but in fact I don’t think they are. If I were to choose, my vote goes to Yong Pal.

Feel free to leave your thoughts about this drama or Yong Pal. Which one you like better?


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