Review: Innocent Man

Genre: Melodrama
Written by: Lee Kyung-hee
Directed by: Kim Jin-won, Lee Na-jeong
Starring: Song Joong-ki, Moon Chae-won, Park Si-yeon
Number of episodes: 20
Average rating: 16.1% (TNmS)
Original network: KBS

Hey there, it’s me again! College will officially start in 2 days so I think this one’s going to be my last drama until my next holiday (in December). It’s not that I study all the time without any leisure time or something. I have my reasons: I’m a one-season-per-day person because I can’t bear to wait for 1 week to watch 1-2 episodes (like seriously, how could people even do that?) so I always wait until a drama’s over then have a private marathon session which I absolutely can’t do during my study period. Next one, call me a maniac or whatever but after a TV show/movie/book/drama, I usually have a “side effect time” which means the time period when all I have in mind’s that certain TV show/movie/book/drama that causes me unable to concentrate on anything else (like studying).

So, now you get me right?

It sucks to go through months without K-dramas but I can’t do anything about it. I’ll still try to post regularly (probably every 1-2 weeks) though because honestly writing’s been one of my anti-stress therapy. 

What’s it about?

It’s everything you expect from a melodrama: lies, secrets, power, vengeance, hate, and love. I’ll only need few words to describe it completely, it’s about a guy who sacrificed himself for someone who ended up leaving him for fortune and fame. Life goes on and seems like their paths won’t ever cross again until one day, someone came in the way and everything intertwined in ways they could never imagine.

What to expect?

  • Super good looking male character (I know, I know)
  • Power wars
  • Not-really-evil villains
  • Detailed plot
  • Not so likeable sidekicks
  • Memory loss
  • Dissatisfying ending

What not to expect?

  • Something memorable (at least for me)
  • Huge twists and surprises
  • Getting too emotional
  • Nice soundtrack
  • Triangle love story
  • Being bored (they surely do know how to keep you watching)

My long review starts here.

Spoiler alert.

First of all, I know that melodrama isn’t for everyone. So if that’s not your thing, I don’t think you’ll enjoy this one. But if you do enjoy watching the slow-paced and emotional melodrama, I can say that this one’s actually really good. 

I’m not the biggest fan of melodrama, I’m not too fond of rom-com either, I think thriller, mystery, and romance are the best combination for me. sadly, there aren’t too many of them out there.

What I love the best from this drama are the moments between the beginning and the ending. Honestly, I’m not really impressed by the early episodes. Especially for Ma-ru and Eun-gee’ romance. I don’t know.. The whole thing felt rushed and the process in between just never happened. It would be lot better if we got just a few more episodes to see the Eun-gee slowly develops her feelings.

I almost gave up because the last thing I want is the I-can’t-live-without-you-please-love-me-back kind of heroine for the next 20 episodes. But fortunately, everything actually just started.

I’m kinda surprised by how the writer makes everything revealed on early stages. Like the fact that Chairman Suh already found out about Jae-hee’s affair, Jae-sik knowing Ma-ru’s secret, and Eun-gee learning about Ma-ru’s intention to con her. So what’s going to happen next? I literally had no idea and the amnesia thing never once crossed my mind. 

This drama reminds me of Yong Pal, especially the scene when Eun-gee interrupt Jae-hee’s inauguration ceremony. But it’s lot less dangerous and lot more secrets.

My favorite character in this drama is neither Ma-ru or Eun-gee. Don’t get me wrong, Song Joong-ki portrayed Ma-ru excellently as someone who’s so unreadable from the beginning. I used to question all of his actions and words. What stunt is he trying to pull here? One thing I’m still confused until now is the reason he asked for half of Tae San as a deal with Attorney Park. Didn’t he already develop sincere feelings for Eun-gee at that point? But then once again, he’s unreadable.

 But I kinda hate his role of being a Protector all the time. And moreover, the writer added a sickness to his already so tragic life. I just can’t.. He resembles the image of the ‘perfect guy’ way too much.

I know this is a whole different thing, but I love him thousand times better as Captain Yoo Shi Jin and it’s not even his fault. But thank God at least he doesn’t keep his fringe for too long. 

The same thing happened with Eun-gee. She’s like the typical girl whose iciness melted right away after having a taste of love. And the fact that love makes her character being kinda inconsistent’s a turn off for me. I do love romance when it’s unpredictable.

But fortunately this drama improved a lot later on both on the story and the characters. At the beginning, Choco and Jae-gil’ characters just annoyed the hell out of me because they’re practically useless in the story. I only saw Choco as someone who’ll add another problem in Ma-ru’s already tragic life. But seems like they’re only there for comedy purpose, but even so, they failed. However, I’m glad that Jae-gil finally does something more. The conversation he has with Ma-ru at the restaurant’s one of the best scenes in this drama.

The amnesia part made me skeptical at first. Like, come on, this stunt again? But I appreciate their effort to add new thing into this formula. We don’t get Eun-gee who only forgot about Ma-ru, we got Eun-gee 2.0 who had to relearn about everything. Even though, once again, I wish to see more of the process. I wished to see a better version of Eun-gee as she literally has a start over option in her life. But in the end, the only thing we got is her improved relationship with Eun-suk.

Suh Eun Gee, come to your senses! I’m going to bet everything on you. I don’t need a boy, you can do it all. Why are you showing your weakness with tears? You’re going to lead Tae San someday. You try to smile when things are tough. If you want to cry, do it alone. You can’t show your weakness to others. Don’t trust anyone. Don’t show your true intentions. That’s how Suh Eun-gee of Tae San’s going to survive. Do you understand? — President Suh

Seriously, that scene at the urn just made me tear up. All this time President Suh truly loved his daughter, and she knows it better than anyone. How devastated she must felt that she was out there obsessing for some guy while his dad took his last breath. No wonder the accident happened. No wonder she hated Kang Ma-ru for that.

If I love her, do I have to have her all to myself? — Park Joon-ha


Another character that made me emotional’s our Attorney Park. In my wildest dream, I wished Eun-gee to end up with him instead of Ma-ru.

I’m saving the last part of my review to talk about Han Jae-hee. She’s someone I couldn’t hate 100% because frankly speaking, she was never the evilest one out there. She still has that tiny bit of conscience within her. And I think that’s why at the end, she chose to turn herself in.

I had this thought. When you killed that man and I ran to the motel room. What if… What if I had made you turn yourself in then. If I had made you pay for your crime, what would have happened? I would have never left you. I would have waited for you, no matter how long. I would have asked you to marry me. Would you have been happy then? I would probably be too busy, but… once a year we would travel abroad with Choco and Jae-gil. One day I might even withdraw money from my savings… and buy you a designer’s bag that you like. On your birthdays, we might have steak with wine. Would you be happy then? Wouldn’t you be happier than now at least? That was my thought. Everything went wrong from that moment. — Kang Ma-ru

While I want to go on with this supposed to make us emotional scene, were Ma-ru blaming himself just then? Did he think that he’s someone at fault once again? Seriously…

And last, the ending didn’t sell me anything at all. So after the solid 19 episodes we spent watching the fierce power war, in the end Eun-gee just left everything for a guy again? It’s more confusing than upsetting for me.


Objective: 6.5/10
Subjective: 7/10

Last but not least

Overall this drama’s just another melodrama with nothing really memorable or lovable other than freaking Song Joong-ki.

It’s not anywhere near terrible, but it just could do better if only we get to see the process in everything.

And guys, please don’t be a ghost reader! I’d really like to interact with you guys, either in the comment section or at my social media. 


3 thoughts on “Review: Innocent Man

    1. Hi there! Yes sometimes I can’t restrain myself from watching too when my friends are talking about it all the time.

      And thanks! Good luck in your study too (if you’re a student) and everything else!



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