Review: W – Two Worlds

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Written by: Song Jae-jung
Directed by: Jung Dae-yoon
Starring: Lee Jong-suk, Han Hyo-joo
Number of episodes: 16
Average rating: 12.87% (TNmS)
Original network: MBC

Hi guys! First of all, I want to apologize (once again) that I haven’t published my travel post until now. I’m still struggling about trivial matters like the pictures theme, position, size, etc and honestly I haven’t made a progress since last time. I won’t promise anything for now, but hopefully I can figure it out by this month.

I actually just finished my orientation week in college. I can’t describe it, college’s just nothing like what I was expecting before. I might make an individual post about first impression on college and how to deal with it later on.

For now, let’s just focus on this crazily savage drama. Ah and actually I just finished Uncontrollably Fond days ago and I’m not really interested to write the review. But if you want me to write it anyway, please let me know on the comment below!

What’s it about?

We don’t have another world inside a comic book here. We have 2 completely different yet same worlds connected by a comic book. You can guess what happened next: Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and worlds. Only how and what do they have to do to make it until the very end. Is it a happy ending? Or a bittersweet farewell? You’ll find out.

What to expect?

  • Questions and questions over and over!
  • And don’t expect to get any answers
  • Overly “out of the box” scenes (don’t get me started)
  • Plot holes oh plot holes
  • Lee Jong-suk in black hair
  • Um, the present time Dong Yi?

What not to expect?

  • The kind of romance you expected (you know what I mean)
  • Any forms, ideas, or versions of reality

My long review starts here

Spoiler alert.

I don’t think this is going to be a long review even if I want to. I don’t really know what to write since I have really mixed feelings this time.

This show’s probably the most interesting one I’ve seen in a bunch. The early episodes left my mind wandering all night. It’s a good thing since that means this show isn’t the typical Korean drama you watch.

The idea’s not the most original one. We all have heard or at least imagined about the image of a world other than the one we live in. The magical world in Harry Potter for example. How many of you believe that it truly exists? Well, I do.

I think it’s really brave of the writer to take risks writing about the existence of another world. Nobody could ever create the perfect visualization of it. There’ll always be flaws here and there. It’s a lot more complex than we thought. So I’ll try not to talk about the plot holes here, they are way too many.

As I stated before, the first few episodes are truly interesting to the core. I have no freaking idea of how this show will go on. My first hypothesis was: the girl got into the webtoon world and met the guy. The girl realized that she had to help the guy with whatever problem he was facing in order to get back to real world. They started to fall in love and in the end, it’s either the girl stayed in the webtoon world or the guy went outside. Well, at least I got the ending right.

Too bad that the writer seems to use up all of her creative and mind-blowing ideas in the first half of the series already. So the second half to me’s like full of repetition and flat in every way. I wasn’t bored, just wasn’t impressed like I was before. I think the second half of the series has completely lost its magic and focusing solely on the romance and the intended happy ending.

After finishing the show, the first thing on my mind was what did I just watch? I think the whole series left me baffled and confused with everything. I could totally relate to how Crazy Dog must have felt reading each chapter of the webtoon. I can’t describe that feeling, you have to watch it by yourself.

Now let’s move on before I bump my head on the wall.

I personally think Kim Eui-sung did the best job here. His character turned up to be just like what I imagined. A mad, emotional, and stiff cartoonist who only had soft spot for his daughter. It’s sad that he ended that way. I read somewhere that what we saw isn’t the original ending, where actually Mr. Oh survived and lives within the webtoon world as a cartoonist. I totally prefer the original one.

I’ll end this not-so-long review with some questions I can’t help not to mention. How did the W world and real world get connected by webtoon in the first place? (Seriously, how could they didn’t mention once about this?) How come that only that one particular tablet has the magical abilities? What made it so special? Why didn’t we get to really explore the fact that it was Yeon-joo who “created” Kang Chul in the first place? If Mr. Oh didn’t make himself the villain, will he get to live at the end? Who actually controlled and created the rules of transition and stuffs between the 2 worlds? (We know that Mr. Oh can’t really control what’s going on) How come Kang Chul get to live in the outside world in the end? (If the villain died, the main character get to leave the webtoon world and live as a human being in outside world without worrying about things like job and ID? Wow)

Now you get me, right? I said above that I won’t talk about the plot holes but seriously this show has way too many—big and small holes that I suppose even the writer can’t fill. Maybe even the writer doesn’t have the answers to my confusion.


Objective: 7/10
Subjective: 6.5/10

Last but not least

If you’re a curious person like me, this show will surely left you confused and dumbfounded by the end. So watch it at your own risk.

And feel free to leave me your thoughts about this drama and recommendation of your favorites below!


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