Review: That Winter The Wind Blows

Genre: Melodrama
Written by: Noh Hee-kyung
Directed by: Kim Kyu-tae
Starring: Jo In Sung, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Bum, Kim Eun-ji
Number of episodes: 16
Average rating: 12.5% (TNmS)
Original network: SBS

So this is my very first post and reviewI watched this drama about 2 years ago so I’m afraid if I left something out. This drama always has a special place in my heart so I decided to review it despite the long period in between. Usually I hesitate to watch from this genre, because of the effect they cause for me: I’ll cry too much and don’t feel like myself for the next few days or even weeks. This one surely did the same for me but I still love it regardless.

What’s it about?

If I have to sum up this drama in a few sentences, it’s a story about a man and a blind woman who carry on with their lives in a different way. Until one day, the man deliberately causes their paths to cross. It starts with a lie after another, but one thing they learn is they’re both broken in a way that nobody understands but each other. And one thing they don’t know yet is that sparks between them is actually a ticking time bomb.

What to expect?

  • Insanely beautiful visuals
  • A female lead whom you’ll rarely find in other shows
  • Really great performance by the cast
  • Confusion in some events
  • An open ending for some people (although it’s been clear now)
  • Marvellous soundtrack
  • A lot of tears if you’re an emotional person like me

What not to expect?

  • Comedy (like seriously, you won’t find any here)
  • Too much use of logic
  • Annoying/bitchy/slutty love rival
  • Interesting sidekick’s story

My long review starts here

Spoiler alert.

The early episodes of this drama had just blown me away. I fell in love with everything—from how beautiful the visual is to how amazing Song Hye Kyo portrayed her character. I personally think Oh Young is the best character she ever played.

Oh Young is a cold, fragile, and complex character. Not everyone will like her because some of her actions and thinking just aren’t logically acceptable. She is the kind of female lead you’ll rarely find in K-Dramas, in fact, you won’t even find any ‘cheerful and talkative’ female characters here. This drama just starts as cold as the winter until you can gradually feel the sunlight as the spring comes and the story ends. 

I tried to get into Oh Young’s character and feel her. If I were her, I’d think  that my life’s over the moment my mom left with my brother and my dad I depended on got sick and passed away, leaving me all alone in this blind state. She closes herself from the outer world because it’s terrifying that everyone can see through you and you can’t see them. The only comfort she needs at the moment is only her brother’s presence and he’s not there. That’s probably why Oh Young can’t carry on with her life. But we don’t see Oh Young tried to kill herself at the beginning of the show, maybe, deep inside she still has the hope of meeting his brother again.

At the other side, Oh Soo’s life isn’t any better. Before he met his first love (Hee-joo) and friends (Jin-sung and Hee-sun), he must be working himself to the ground in order to stay alive in this harsh real world.

Both Young and Soo are broken deep inside, but one wants to die while one wants to live.

I discovered Jo In Sung through this show and they both—along with Song Hye Kyo delivered the emotions of their characters really well. Kim Bum’s an eye candy for this show and the only comedy you’ll find—together with Eun-ji.

I said that the early episodes had blown me away above and I wished that this drama will do it until the end. But the last few episodes just fell under my high expectation. I found some of the events really confusing, like how Secretary Wang ‘made’ Young become blind, those times of Young’s sudden mood swings, Jin-sung’s betrayal (I won’t complain if they explain  the purpose of this part more because it doesn’t make any sense to me), and Secretary Wang’s comeback felt a bit in rush. The other important character like Jo Moo-chul should’ve been explored more before he ended like that. I feel like after those powerful early episodes, the rest just didn’t have any progression both in the characters and plot. 

However, there are still some moments I really enjoy from the near-end episodes like when Soo takes Young back to the cabin and they pretend that everything’s okay between them while actually nothing’s okay at the moment. Seems like despite Young’s already known the truth, she tries to prove it once again in her own way. I also love the whole time Soo tries to be Young’s brother by giving her his real affection and protection. The chime, the school reunion encouragement, the mountain surprise, and the doctor for Young’s final surgery. I believe that those things are done out of real feelings, not because of guilt and money. And they end this show with a heart-warming scene on the beautiful spring day. Well, can I say this one more time that this drama just has an absolutely stunning visual? I got the whole winter concept—beautiful but untouchable and the soundtrack fits in really well (they aren’t overused like in few other shows).

I should’ve just conned her. I shouldn’t have made her fall in love with me. — Oh Soo

Yeah, everything that starts with lie won’t end good. But, just maybe, if Soo hadn’t pretended to be Young’s brother, what would happen to them? Perhaps they still could’ve met with Soo being Young’s deceased brother’s friend. But would Young open herself to a complete stranger and would Soo bother with her since they have nothing to do with each other since the beginning? Probably not. Even though this whole thing starts with a lie, they still healed each other. Soo wants to live as a decent person for Young and Young finds her reason to live through Soo.


Objective: 8/10
Subjective: 10/10

Last but not least

This drama’s definitely far from perfect, but it really touched my heart and made me fall in love with this whole bittersweet story. I hope to find more characters like Young in K-Dramas in the future, because she made me think and contemplate about many things in my life. If you want a show that you could cry your eyes out or simply enjoy the beautiful cinematography, this one will work.

And feel free to leave me your thoughts about this drama and recommendation of your favorites below!




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